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1997 Tournament Results

Cleveland March Oklahoma City May Los Angeles June San Jose Aug Los Angeles Oct
Los Angeles March Baltimore May Denver July Albany Aug Orlando Oct
Orlando March Denver May Dayton July Cleveland Sept Newark Nov
Pittsburgh April Tampa May Seattle July Seattle Sept Cleveland Nov
Newark April Cleveland June Philadelphia July Denver Sept Las Vegas Dec
San Jose April Newark June Dallas July Newark Sept Dayton October
East Region Championship Central Region Championship West Region Championship

Last updated December 21, 1997

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Cleveland March 1-2

1st Dan Collings
2nd Bill Meinhardt
3rd Mark Williams
4th (tie) Don Leone
4th (tie) Jerome Gilles
6th John Christie
7th (tie) Mike Nowakowski
7th (tie) Hank Smith

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Los Angeles March 15-16

1st Peter Lewis
2nd Hank Smith
3rd Stan Suderman
4th Jerry Shaw
Semifinalists Joe Garcia
Steve Davidson
Bob Flanagan
Mick Van Valkenburg

Peter Lewis defeated Hank Smith 4 games to 1 in the world series.

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Orlando March 22-23

1st Ed Killmer
2nd Tom Angel
3rd Fred Meier
Semi Finalists Mike Keane
Sal Caridi
Brian Smith
Willie Dominguez
Dave Graf

Ed Killmer defeated Tom Angel four games to three in world series.

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Pittsburgh April 5-6

1st Mark Williams
2nd (tie) Ben Leong
2nd (tie) Bryan Lewis
4th (tie) Mike Nowakowski
4th (tie) Jim Evans
6th (tie) Dave Hess
6th (tie) Mark Giddings

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Newark April 19-20

1st Brian Eichelbaum
2nd Ed Killmer
3rd Eric Ruskiewisc/Lou Patillo
4th Bill Halpern
Semi Finalists Adam Kulak
Alden Lewis
Ed Eichelbaum
John Lemek
John Crawford
Ben Leong
Bob Schwerin/Mike Shomes
Kyle Jefferie

Brian Eichelbaum defteated Ed Killmer 4-0 in world series.

Ed Killmer defeated Bill Halpern 4-2 in semi-finals.

Brain Eichelbaum defeated Eric Ruskiewisc/Lou Patillo 4-2 in semi-finals.

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San Jose April 25-26

1st Rick Zinman
2nd (tie) Stan Suderman
2nd (tie) Joe Sheehan
4th Lance O'Connor
5th (tie) Mike Nadius
5th (tie) Steve Davidson
5th (tie) Mick VanValkenburg
5th (tie) Dave Goldstein

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Oklahoma City May 3-4

1st Dave Covert
2nd Kirk Tallant
3rd Paul Patrick
4th Jeff Heard
5th Wayne Cannon

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Baltimore May 17-18

1st Tony Luburic
2nd Ben Leong
3rd Harry Flawd
4th Kevin Daly
5th John DiMeo
6th Bruce Layton
7th Brandon Navata
8th John Zahorsky

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Denver May 17-18

1st Mike Meszaros
2nd Ed Daly
3rd Roger Burton
4th Steve Helling
5th (tie) Don Semple
5th (tie) David Atkinson
7th (tie) Tony Windis
7th (tie) Brian Helling

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Tampa May 31-June 1

1st Sal Caridi
2nd Dave Graf
3rd Ed Killmer
4th Don Leong

Sal Caridi defeated Dave Graf 3-2 in world series

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Cleveland June 7-8

1st Bill Meinhardt
2nd Ben Leong
3rd Bryan Lewis
4th Ken Eickholt

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Newark June 21-22

1st John Ciabittari
2nd Ed Killmer
3rd Tony Luburic
4th Dan Steinke
5th Ben Leong
6th John Lemek
7th Christian McGlynn
8th Brian Smith

John Ciabittari defeated Ed Killmer 4-2 in world series

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Los Angeles June 21-22

1st Pete Nelson
2nd Tom Fish
3rd Steve Garrett
4th Steve Davidson
5th Joe Sheehan
6th Hank Smith

Pete Nelson defeated Tom Fish 4-1 in world series

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Philadelphia July 12-13

1st Eric Wonderlin
2nd Dan Luburic
3rd Harry Flawd
4th Eric Ruskiewisz/Lou Patillo
5th Don Leong

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Denver July 12-13

1st Peter Lewis
2nd Don Semple
3rd Mike Meszaros
4th Keith Johnson

Peter Lewis defeated Don Semple 4-0 in world series

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Dayton July 19-20

1st Bill Meinhardt
2nd Jerome Gilles
3rd Tony Luburic
4th Mike Nowakowski

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Seattle July 26-27

1st Mike Short
2nd Todd McKernan
3rd Ed Denmark
4th Stan Suderman
4th Nick Federici

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Dallas July 26-27

1st Wayne Cannon
2nd Ed Killmer
3rd Sal Caridi
4th Steve Davidson
5th David Perryman
6th Ben Leong
7th Kyle Schneider
8th Tim Heilig

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San Jose August 16-17

1st Mick Van Valkenburg
2nd Pete Nelson
3rd (tie) Warren Brown
3rd (tie) Steve Davidson
5th (tie) Sean Oakley
5th (tie) Joe Sheehan
5th (tie) Wes Smith

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Albany August 23-24

1st Mark Giddings
2nd Hank Smith
3rd Bruce Layton
4th John Lemek

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Cleveland September 6-7

1st Bruce Layton
2nd Tony Luburic

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Seattle September 13-14

1st Pete Nelson
2nd Peter Lewis
3rd Andrew Sullivan
4th Stan Suderman
5th Erik Denmark

Peter Nelson defeated Peter Lewis in a one game playoff after tying for first at the end of a 30 game position round tournament.

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Denver September 13-14

1st John Staley
2nd Keith Johnson
3rd Mike Meszaros
4th Steve Seal
5th Ed Daley

John Staley defeated Keith Johnson in a one game playoff.

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Newark September 20-21

1st Joe Inzinna
2nd Bob Schwerin
3rd Don Leong
4th (tie) Mark Giddings
4th (tie) Fred Meier
6th (tie) Tony Luburic
6th (tie) John Ciabattari

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Los Angeles October 11-12

1st Craig Schneider
2nd Tim Heilig
3rd Hank Smith
4th (tie) Stan Suderman
4th (tie) Dan Polis
4th (tie) Pete Nelson
7th Marshall Palmer
8th Randy Davidson
9th Ed Killmer

Craig Schneider, Tim Heilig and Hank Smith tied for first with 20 wins after end of the position round format. Craig Schneider defeated Hank Smith in semi-finals. Craig Schneider then defeated Tim Heilig for championship.

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Orlando October 18-19

1st Eric Wayne
2nd Mark Giddings
3rd Sal Caridi
4th Bill Jempty

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Dayton October 19-20

1st Dave Velton
2nd Frank Luisi
3rd Vince Velton
4th Jerome Gilles

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Newark November 15-16

East Regional Championship Tournament

1st John Ciabattari
2nd Brian Smith
3rd (tie) Bruce Layton
3rd (tie) Ed Killmer

John Ciabattari defeated Brain Smith 4-2 in the world series.

Ed Killmer wins the East Region points championship with 132 points. John Ciabattari finished a close second with 126 points.

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Cleveland November 22-23

Central Region Championship Tournament

1st Bill Meinhart
2nd (tie) Ken Eicholt
2nd (tie) John Kostyo
2nd (tie) Mike Nowakowski
5th Ben Leong
6th Stan Reed
7th Rick Park
8th Tom Nist

Bill Meinhart wins the Central Region Points championship with 182 points.

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Las Vegas December 6-7

West Region Championship Tournament

1st Joe Sheehan
2nd Craig Schneider
3rd (tie) Steve Davidson
3rd (tie) Tim Heilig
5th Mick Van Valkenburg
6th (tie) Pete Nelson
6th (tie) Mike Short

Pete Nelson wins the West Region Points Championship with 154 points. Peter Lewis finished second with 146 points.