National Championship Tournament


Steve Davidson defeated Tony Luburic four games to three in the world series.

Steve Davidson defeated Sean Riley four games to one in the semi-finals.

Tony Luburic defeated Ed Killmer four games to three in the semi-finals.

Steve Davidson defeated Vince Velten four games to three in the quarter-finals.

Tony Luburic defeated Ed Daley four games to three in the quarter-finals.

Sean Riley defeated Sal Caridi four games to two in the quarter-finals.

Ed Killmer defeated Dan Van Klaveren four games to two in the quarter-finals.


Division Winner Runner Up
A Sal Caridi Joe Inzinna
B Sean Riley Adam Kulak
C Steve Davidson Eric Wayne
D Ed Killmer Brian Lewis
E Dan Van Klaveren Willy Dominguez
F Ed Daley Randy Davidson
G Tony Luburic Vince Velten


Wild Card Shootout 

Division runners up played shootouts to determine the team that would advance to the quarter-finals along with the seven division winners.  A shootout game is a sudden death game that ends as soon as one team is ahead after both teams have batted in an inning. A shootout game may take as little as one inning.

Round One

Bryan Lewis received a bye (Best second place record)

Adam Kulak defeated Joe Inzinna

Vince Velten defeated Randy Davidson

Erick Wayne defeated Willy Dominguez

Round Two

 Eric Wayne defeated Bryan Lewis

Vince Velten defeated Adam Kulak

Shootout Finals

Vince Velten defeated Eric Wayne to advance to the quarter-final round of eight.


Division A

Division Selector Ben Leong
Ben Leong 20-22
Joe Sheehan 28-18
Dave Goldstein 14-20
Tom Anderson 16-21
Brian Smith 24-21
Bud May 11-17
Sal Caridi 28-20
Joe Inzinna 23-20


Division B

Division Selector Don Leong
Sean Riley 29-22
Adam Kulak 22-16
Will Roberts 22-18
Dan Souza 18-18
Don Leong 13-14
Marshall Palmer 15-16
Robb Schreiber 11-16
Rob Woodard 11-17
Keith Johnson 8-16


Division C

Division Selector Steve Davidson
Mike Nowakowski 9-17
Sparky Atkinson 13-15
Steve Baldeaux 18-21
Steve Davidson 38-17
Dave Graf 11-13
Eric Wayne 22-18
Mike Meszaros 24-21
Larry Bellar 10-16
Joe Farina 11-16


Division D

Division Selector Ed Killmer
Dan Mullarkey 8-16
Craig Elsten 12-15
Bryan Lewis 23-16
Ed Killmer 33-22
John Christie 9-19
Mark Van Klaveren 20-22
Hank Smith 12-16
Mark Giddings 12-12
Bill Katona 27-17


Division E

Division Selector Fred Meier
Fred Meier 22-20
Dan Van Klaveren 29-20
Scott Sutton 16-20
Craig Schneider 19-22
Steve Garrett 15-16
Errol Dennis 11-20
Mike Naidus 15-19
Willy Dominguez 28-21


Division F

Division Selector Randy Davidson
Bill Jempty 11-15
Lenny Torne 22-20
Randy Davidson 21-18
Jim Galloway 11-15
Mike Cohen 10-16
Ed Daley 31-20
Ron McIlroy 11-15
Bruce Layton 21-20
Pete Nelson 21-20


Division G

Division Selector Stan Suderman
Vince Velten 27-20
Kirk Tallant 9-21
Tony Luburic 36-21
Steve Helling 14-15
Jim Palmer 18-19
Peter Lewis 17-17
Bill Halpren / Steve Weinstock 12-12
Bill Nervig 10-14
Stan Suderman 13-22


Notable Achievements

Joe Sheehan won a tie for third place by coming all the way through the the third place bracket by winning seven consecutive best two out of three series.

Larry Bellar won a tie for seventh place by winning seven consecutive games in the fifth place bracket.

Pedro Martinez pitched a no-hitter for Vince Velten against Peter Lewis in the Divisional Round Robin.

Mark McGwire hit seven homeruns in seven consecutive at bats for Steve Helling on his way to a ninth place finish.

This years tournament was truly a National event.  The 61 players came from 20 different states.

Ken Caminiti hit eight homeruns in the five game semi-final series for Steve Davidson against Sean Riley.

Mark Van Klaveren won eleven games in a row to qualify for the divisional playoff round, only to then lose his next eleven games in a row.

Steve Davidson joins Stan Suderman as the only two players to finish second in one year and win the worlds in the next year.  Davidson in 2001 and 2000, Suderman in 1991 and 1992.