Bruce Fogg Wins the Worlds (details)

Worlds Results

Kenny Marino Award Winner: Norm Plouffe

National Points Champ: Greg Strite


Play-in Games

Will Harris over Mike Breithaupt 1-0 (Will to 13)

Mike Breithaupt over Ian Foster 1-0 (Mike to 15)

Toby Strite over Craig Schneider 1-0 (Toby to 14)

Craig Schneider over Vic Horvath 1-0 (Craig to 16)


First Round

Pete Nelson(1) over Craig Schneider(16) 3-2

Jim Galloway(7) over Errol Dennis(7) 3-2

Jim Gary(4) over Will Harris(13) 3-1

Frank Luisi(5) over Sean Riley(12) 3-2

Mike Breithaupt(15) over Alan Small(1) 3-0

John Kostyo(10) over Ben and Don Leong(7) 3-1

Russ Lemmon(1) over Toby Strite(14) 3-2

Bruce Fogg(11) over Pierce Dennis(5) 3-0


Quarter Finals

Jim Galloway(7) over Pete Nelson(1) 3-1

Jim Gary(4) over Frank Luisi(5) 3-1

Mike Breithaupt(15) over John Kostyo(10) 3-2

Bruce Fogg(11) over Russ Lemmon(1) 3-0


Semi Finals

Jim Galloway(7) over Jim Gary(4) 4-0

Bruce Fogg(11) over Mike Breithaupt(15) 4-3



Bruce Fogg(11) over Jim Galloway(7) 4-0


Consolation Tournament

First Place: Ed Daley

Second Place: Greg Strite



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